CyloneMC (Java, Groovy, MongoDB, Redis)

Recently I joined CyloneMC as an owner. I'm the system administration and development manager.

SpudPVP (Java, MySQL, Redis, PHP, HTML/CSS)

I used to help run this server. I was responsible for making everything code-based, all the games, all the plugins.

We shut the server down due to a lack of players and a general loss of motivation from the other owners. I still use a lot of the code I wrote whilst I was there to this day.

Octopus Travel Matrix (PHP, MySQL)

For a short time, I was an intern at OTM. It was an opportunity for me to see what the insides of a real development company was like. Whilst I was there, I worked on engineering their backend, developing their custom Laravel login system along with fixing a number of bugs in the pre-existing solution that they already had.

Random Web Projects (PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

I've built a lot of random web projects.
• This website - written in Laravel
• Countdowns - a simple countdown system to count down to events
• Calendar - an organisational thingy (WIP)
• OauthSite -

More to come soon™